Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Nanyang Primary School Registration for Primary One – Information

The primary education is compulsory in Singapore. The Nanyang Primary School is one of the top 10 of Singapore’s prestige list for primary schools based on the results of the Edupoll’s research and survey. The Nanyang Primary School P1 registration will provide the Primary One Registration Guidelines

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Nanyang Primary Students Face a Lot of Pressure

One good thing that a child will notice in the Nanyang Primary School is the Nanyang Primary student’s pressure. The Nanyang Primary students do face a lot of pressure that works across cultures but gives them the advantage to understand real life situations

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Nanyang Primary School CCA 南洋小学课外活动

CCA stands for the school’s Co-curricular activities. The old popular name of CCA was ECA, which stands for Extracurricular activities. The students are required to attend and complete the Nanyang Primary School CCA Co-curriculum activities the same as their standard curriculum of study.

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Fight obesity and heart disease with a Health-care and Physical Education degree

A physical education degree is the number one matter you ought to consider if you would like to combat the alarmingly increasing figure of obesity or heart disease cases. Regardless of your preferred profession, be it a instructor in physical therapy, fitness, coach youth sports, or running a recreation center, you must have the proper [...]

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Medieval Sword Details

July 9, 2010 by NanyangPrimary  
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For those Nanyang primary school students who enjoy a bit of medieval real time online games, here is a bit about how swords are and how dangerous they can be.

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