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Nanyang Videos

Nanyang Primary Videos

Many ex-nanyang primary students will remember the old hill top compound. It now houses Primary 1 and Primary 2 students.

You can look for Properties around nanyang primary. Within 1 km from Nanyang Primary are mainly low rise landed housing such as Terraces, semi-detaches and bungalows. The prices of properties and real estate around Nanyang Primary can be quite ridiculous. A terrace house, maybe around 1800 to 2000 square feet of land could easily cost a minimum of $2m around Kings road and vicinity. We have seen many such kings road properties in the price range of $2.3 to $4m. We know this sounds quite a lot, but these are the prices of properties in this vicinity.

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如果你要为您的孩子找一间好的小学,如南洋小学,那就必须要在南洋小学一公里的范围里居住。在南洋的周围很不幸的大多都是永久地契的有地 房产。这也是房产里较昂贵的房产种类。在加上这个地段是非常昂贵的。

轻易的两千英尺的排屋, 便是两百万新元以上。

We feel that more people should get a chance to study in Nanyang Primary and experience learning both English and Chinese at the highest standards. As you know, Singapore’s education system is lop-sided and biased towards english, our next generation is going to miss huge opportunities by not learning chinese well. But it is just so hard to enter Nanyang Primary and so expensive to be within 1km from Nanyang Primary.

我们的看法是, 更多人需要得到在南洋就读的机会, 因为南洋以可以说是还能读到华文的最后几间小学之一。要主进南洋小学地产南洋周围的1 公里地产真不易。

可以看的出,新加坡对华文教育政策是讲一套,做一套, 一面说推广, 一面便推出用英文来教华文。真是贼喊抓贼。其实也不是南洋的错, 新加坡运用华文的生态环境以 被一些政策完全杀灭了。新加坡啊,英文虽重要,也不能忘根呀,你的后人将错失良好的事业与许多商机。

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