Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Several Must Have Kids Furniture Pieces That Get Forgotten

All parents know about the everyday types of kids furniture such as beds, dressers, armoires and bookcases, but there are tons of kids furniture styles that parents tend to forget.  The forgotten furnishing can add so many good things to a space such as style, organization, comfort and more.  Here’s a good list of additional kids furnishings that should definitely be considered for your youngster’s bedroom.

Distinctive Storage Remedies

Common storage units such as dressers, bookcases and armoires offer wonderful storage to a room, but these items don’t let you use the additional open areas where even more items could be stored.  These cavaties include the walls, under beds and in the closet. 

Wall Storage Units

The first on the list of forgotten kids furniture is the wall storage unit like the Classic Collection Mini-Library by Oeuf.  This distinctive piece offers a modern mix of open shelves and enclosed storage spaces in an artistic design that you can hang on a wall.  This item is so distinctive that it doesn’t merely add storage and display space to a bedroom, it also provides astounding style. 

An additional wall storage piece is the Babyletto 6 Piece Cubbie Storage Unit that has wall cubbies with cool, reversible doors with corkboards on one side and chalk boards on the other.  These cubbies can be obtained separately, so you can get as many as you need to keep stuff organized.  They provide your youngster with covered storage that hangs on the walls and the cork or chalk board doors give your kid even more ways to stay organized by letting them cover the door fronts with post-its or writing their daily routine in chalk.  Now that’s a truly helpful piece of kids furniture.  Babyletto also offers lovely floor storage models in this collection that one can add to the space if needed.

Clothing trees are an additional fantastic kids furniture alternative that offers distinctive storage space without taking up too much floor space.  These special items look like what they sound, trees that hold clothes.  They have a middle “trunk like” piece with “branch like” arms that jut out.  The “branches” are the ideal spot for keeping on-to-go items like coats, hats, scarves and other items easy to access.  This sort of kids furnishing helps your kid keep his most worn items organized and easy-to-find when needed.  It also offers a fun and funky look to a space that other kids furniture can’t offer.

Portable Storage Units

KidKraft offers the Portable Storage Caddy that has an open bin with a vast handle up top, so your kid can keep lots of toys and games stored inside, but take them with him/her wherever he’d like to play.  The P’kolino Play Kit is another portable storage piece that is light enough for a youngster to hold and comes with a top that slides onto the storage box with ease.  Get many of these and keep crayons and markers in one, barbies or blocks in another and stack them when not in use.  Then your child can grab the play kit of choice and carry it to wherever he/she wants to play.  These play kits are even small enough to slide under a bed to create a tidy room.

Seating and Storage space Combined

Yet another good kids furniture item that mothers and fathers seem to forget is the storage bench.  Trusted brands like KidKraft, Levels of Discovery, PrePac and a lot of others make storage benches that double as seating and deep storage space for lots of toys, games, shoes or anything else that needs to be arranged.  Place a cozy pad on top and give your youngster the best place to sit and read all while knowing that inside the bench is lots of storage space that’s helping to keep the space tidy and orderly. 

Remember the kids furniture talked about above when making an attempt to create the ideal kids bedroom decor.  If you use all the space in the room, including wall space, closet space and below the bed space, then your youngster will be able to keep stuff orderly and you’ll be happy every time you walk into your child’s tidy and organized bedroom.

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